The High Impact Leadership Project delivers an increased proficiency in emotional intelligence which is comprised of self-awareness, self-regulation, social skill, empathy, and motivation. The degree of a leader’s emotional intelligence is the ultimate indicator of his or her success.

Our multi-faceted approach to strengthening emotional intelligence includes the utilization of the DiSC profile, which is a widely-used and easy-to-understand personality assessment that measures the four dimensions of behavior with the intention of providing a deeper understanding of self and others. Participants will explore the various areas from which they lead as they become familiar with the concept of Dimensional Leadership. Through reflection and practice on motivation strategies, participants will glean insight about how to effectively influence others to achieve results. And, participants will leave with an enhanced ability to coach others with impact and success by leveraging the awareness and knowledge gained through the program.

Participants of the High Impact Leadership Project will receive:

  • Four full-day sessions of innovative leadership training

  • An enhanced understanding of self and others via results of the DiSC profile

  • Intentional reflection assignments in between sessions to practice awareness and skills gained

  • Three individual leadership coaching sessions with certified executive coaches

  • Opportunity to build relationships with fellow High Impact Leaders

The High Impact Leadership Project is designed to enhance the emotional intelligence and leadership agility of:

  • Senior Executives

  • Mid-level Managers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • High-potential individuals

committed to increasing their leadership impact.